I was 23 just one second ago, and for some silly way of counting ‘age’ I am officially 24 starting from this very moment. I have exactly 356 days to be 24 years old, which means absolutely nothing by itself.

I accidentally saw a picture of Paris I posted two years ago, and you welcomed me to return to the city where we fell in love. Now I will return to it without you, and maybe forever with you. Frankly, I still love this city, in the very same way with and without you. Memories of us only topped my love with some expired frosting, which would be difficult to remove.

I won’t remove memories of us from my coming 356 days of my 24th years, because in the broadest sense of human feelings, you have changed me, and it is my decision on how to change myself. You are no magician, except for introducing me to romantic love, and now you are someone who have fallen out of love with me. May we both find someone else we deserve, whom we truly deserve.

It is another year full of joy, challenges, and love of all kinds. I look no further than giving more love to the world around me, and share every nice bottle of wine with the ones I love. You were almost everything in my life, but I will learn to own my world without you.

I have loved you, I have loved you like no one else in my life. May the best of your today be the worst of your tomorrows. May you own each moment to the next, and may you never lose that bright smile on your face. My loveĀ  —

— to be continued




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