An Anonymous Lover of Paris

 You stroll down the scenic street where golden lights flicker on the sidewalk, where your silhouette is captured by a stranger’s camera.


You are anonymous,

but you are here to be seen.

Before you realize,

you are already in love.


What does a lover do? Whispering love near your ears and scratching your back until you feel the soothing chills electrocute your body? Scrolling through memories together and wishing to recreate every moment with you? Starting a blog about you because you are the living inspiration?

I have done everything for Paris except for the first. She doesn’t like feeling the chills, and so I am finding everything I could do to rejoin with my shared lover of the world. Countless writers and poets have attempted to depict her dangerous charms with words; endless enchanting photos of her have allured many to fall for her both in reality and in frames. How clueless I was avant toi, anxiously approached you not knowing the beautiful disaster that will soon change everything I have known and assumed about my world.


I came to you as a solo dancer, danced along your golden streets from dawn to dusk, and I never left alone.

When the gloom in the sky is lifted, we looked for the jetcloud that mirrors La Seine and rejoice to be near the latter.

The midnight laughter and tipsy confessions were all included in the bill you paid for bottles of merlot and blocks of Camembert.

We indulged ourselves to become part of your beauty at the rooftop of Rue de Grenelle and by the riverbank of La Seine.


La Seine, la belle séduit, she flowed though our hearts and nourished our scars and pain as we drowned ourselves willingly into her soothing whisper de la vie.


In Paris, you are anonymous. No one knows where you come from, and who you are. You can be any story and every story you once wished you could tell others, because you are truly free from all the judgments and presumptions, so be the best version of yourself. Feel the beating of your heart and you are one of the living stories this city of love.

Enjoy your pain au chocolat and café crème at a sidewalk café. When you are finished, still nobody would question you about your empty cup with coffee stain. A cigarette could diffuse the bittersweet taste in your mouth, but you can also choose to sketch the au naturel beauty who is already smoking on the other table. The truth is, you don’t need any reason to be sitting for long, and you are simply taking your luxurious time of being alone. You are waiting for no one, but surely someone will strike your captivating eyes. If then, close your eyes and wander in your dangerous imagination. Take a few seconds, pick your favorite plot and resume your wander in reality.


Paris waits for no one, not even her daring lovers.

She may not wait for your earnest confession, but she will surely make you a better lover.


Ah Paris, you have given me nothing to take away with me, but I have given you everything.





Your Anonymous Lover


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